I’ll admit it, I walked out on Avatar

From imdb.com, Jan. 6, 2010

Whether you believe in psychic abilities or not, anyone has the ability to predict the story of the highly anticipated and creatively successful film, Avatar. I have a genuine love for James Cameron and The Terminator was a true master piece, but Avatar was all braun and no brains.

Which brings me to this omission: Just like a billion other people on the planet, I bought my ticket and my 3D glasses. Sat myself down and watched the film… for about an hour and half.

I left once I realized that I had seen the entire movie before. It was just about every other stereotypical movie where man enters foreign land, man infiltrates the native people, then man looses his identity and the purpose of his mission, looking into the eyes of the native’s princess.

Don’t get me wrong, Avatar has opened the door for new filming possibilities. But let’s give credit, where credit is due. Avatar is a piece of art. Not a well written movie. More to come on the subject!


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