The Book of Eli Movie Review

from, Jan. 16, 2010

Directed by: Albert Hughes & Allen Hughes

Written by: Gary Whitta

It’s been ten years since the Hughes brothers had produced their last effort, the Johnny Depp film From Hell. Now we see the director duo has widened their horizon in the industry. The Book of Eli is a stand out this January but down the road, it may only be known as that January release that dethroned the James Cameron film, Avatar, for a day.

Set on an undisclosed date (but approximately 30 years in the future. Eli, a lone man, sets on a journey for the West Coast after America has suffered a terrible catastrophe of some sort. He carries a book and mission with him which remains a mystery for the majority of the film. Along his mission, he comes across a menacing man named Carnegie who will stop at nothing to get what Eli has.

And what is it you ask? Well, in the event that some believe revealing the book title would ruin some of the fun, I won’t say.  But what I can talk about are the actors.  Denzel Washington is always graceful in any film he appears in. But the acting contribution that most excited me was that of Gary Oldman. Though it’s been close to ten years since Oldman has played a bad guy, I found it refreshing to see him return to his roots. The movie also features Jennifer Beals (of Flashdance), Mila Kunis (Family Guy), and the recognizable Tom Waits (for those who know his music).

This movie is a representation that January films are better this year than in years past. Book of Eli is a fun, two hour ride with a decent twist at the end. You’ll find yourself self-engaged with few eye-rolls in between.  Decently written with some fun (if not unbelievable) action scenes.  All the actors are at their best and the movie is a real decent effort. A recommended film.


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