Conzie’s last stand

from, Jan. 22, 2010

Well, the divorce is official. Conan O’Brien is now moving on from NBC…and his last show is tonight!

Reported by, O’Brien and NBC have reached a $45 million dollar deal to end his short run on the show. $33 million of the money will go directly to Conan while the rest will go to some 200 staff members of the show.

Mean while, Oprah announced that she will have an exclusive interview with returning host, Jay Leno, this coming Thursday. Leno is reported to be returning to The Tonight Show in March, after which his 10:00 show ends it’s run February 11th. In what seems to be one of the oddest back pedals in television history, NBC will attempt to put back together what it had disrupted in the first place.


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