Legion movie review

from imdb.com, Jan 22, 2010

Directed By: Scott Stewart

Written By: Peter Schink and Scott Stewart

As we trek through the bundle of January movies, I am still finding myself slightly more impressed with the quality of films compared to years past. While none of the films released this year are memorable, they have all served for good thrill rides.

This Friday’s release, Legion, is the first horror fantasy to come out in 2010. And what makes this film great is it’s action and ability to story tell in less than 2 hours.  Legion tells the story of a fallen angel that decides to go against God’s orders to annihilate man kind and save a ‘chosen’ child. This leads to an all out war.

Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Charles Dutton, and Tyrese Gibson lead an ensemble of unlikely people teamed together to fight evil angels. The story doesn’t take long to develop and you find this group trying to survive in an isolated diner somewhere out of Los Angeles.

The action and horror is non-stop with a few moments in between to catch your breath. Some of the most climatic scenes will leave you with no clue what will happen next. Things happen that you don’t quite see coming. I actually could have envisioned this story building with a few more gory scenes and even more interesting characters.

Legion serves for a fun ride with plenty of surprise moments. While you won’t be talking about this movie a year from now, you maybe remember how your January 2010 was a little sweeter because of it.


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