Spiderman 4: Spidey Revamped

from http://www.sonypictures.com, Jan. 23, 2010

If money hungry, hollywood producers don’t know when to stop beating dead horses, then who do?

Thankfully someone like Sam Raimi and the cast of Spiderman would.  Dating back to a couple of years ago, there had been some static coming from Raimi’s camp that he felt the Spiderman franchise had run it’s course. And unfortunately, the long standing comic character has, at least in movies.

Being reported in the past months, Raimi and the main actors have decided to part ways with the potential sequel and Sony pictures is now revamping to make a Spidey prequel. A script is a being reported as featuring spiderman in high school.

A good director will understand that if quality means what it should, then no amount of money can make you sacrifice that. I’m thankful that Mr. Raimi, Mr. Maguire, and Ms. Dunst have opted out of the fourth film. Maybe they understood that bad concepts can only get worse.


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