Spiderman 4: Spidey Revamped

If money hungry, hollywood producers don’t know when to stop beating dead horses, then who do? Thankfully someone like Sam Raimi and the cast of Spiderman would. ┬áDating back to a couple of years ago, there had been some static coming from Raimi’s camp that he felt the Spiderman franchise had run it’s course. And … Continue reading

My movie on the best San Jose theaters

Here is my video on some of the best movie theaters in San Jose, set to the tune of ‘Modern Love’ by David Bowie. This was made with Microsoft IMovieEnjoy. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq8wmwnlo_c

It’s the Tonight Show…without Conan O’Brien

This just goes to show that if you love something, LET IT GO…..and Jay may come back. Case in point: Take me and the Tonight show. For years, this program was apart of my daily routine and was the cause of many sleep deprived days. But still, I loved hearing Jay Leno’s voice as I … Continue reading

I’ll admit it, I walked out on Avatar

Whether you believe in psychic abilities or not, anyone has the ability to predict the story of the highly anticipated and creatively successful film, Avatar. I have a genuine love for James Cameron and The Terminator was a true master piece, but Avatar was all braun and no brains. Which brings me to this omission: … Continue reading